Azure Storm

Added May 17, 2014

Brand new European starlet Azure Storm delivers a solo anal scene to remember.

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Azure Storm

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Azure she's a divine beauty and the fantastic ass is so pussy !


Another sexy chick ruined her body by getting a horrible boob job!


There's a storm my pants! Sorry. I'm a horrible person. I think I'm in love with Azure Storm. Leggy, beautiful, ass for days, and rocking tits. She kind of looks like Jessyka Swan's naughtier sister that decided to quit college to be a stripper to pay for Jessyka's boarding school. I may have fantasized that. We have got to get those two together in a video. Sorry, back to the review. Azure is not only a joy to look at, but makes fantastic eye contact and gets downright dirty with her pussy and her ass. Pussy to mouth? Yes. Ass to mouth? Yes. She moans, she groans, she sucks on that dildo until even I'm jealous of that inanimate object. She even DP's herself, which is like Christmas coming twice a year. I love that you can hear the dildo going in and out of her. So very hot. Remember, this is a SOLO video. Imagine what she could do with five or six cocks and Jessyka Swan. Oh, mama. I hereby place this video in the Hall of Fame, solo division. - Civlor


What a cutie. loved cumming with her :-)


Wow this girl's stunning, what a true beauty. Azure has it all, a gorgeous smile, an incredible body, sexy legs and that ass when she was bent over and dropped her dress was a truly magnificent sight. She had a few toys to keep herself busy with and by the look on her face, she loved them all. The moans as she fucked her ass and DP'd herself with a couple of toys only add to the reality that she loves what she does. I love a girl who likes to taste her own ass and she didn't disappoint there, sucking her ass off her toys on numerous occasions each time with a smile on her face. Azure is guaranteed to cause a storm in anyone's pants, awesome scene.


Azure Storm is a prime example of the great new talent that Perfect Gonzo is featuring since its relaunch. I have to admit I was underwhelmed with the initial talent, but six months into it, the beauties must be flocking to the PerfectGonzo cameras, and Azure is just about as gorgeous a woman can get. Her face is perfect and her body is flawless. The camera work is strong so as to not waste the talent. The one minute from 12:00 to 13:00 shows GiveMePink at its best as the camera zooms from her face to her fingers thrusting into her pink pussy. Keep watching as she uses her fingers to open her pussy wide for us. So good. But wait, Azure like toys too. She slowly uses a little orange toy inside her pussy as she runs one of her long fingers inside her little asshole. Flip and the toy slowly slides into her asshole. The camera zooms in beautifully to not miss the action. The video continues with more toy fun and a happily pleasured Ms. Storm. While a solo feature, the video takes advantage of the beauty of its model and relies on excellent camera work. mmmgood


Azure Storm is young, sexy and eager to show off. The opening sequence features Ms. Storm clad in a short dress as she introduces us to her luscious curves. Fans of peach fuzz will be delighted to see Azure pull up her dress as the Sun's rays beam down on to her beautiful bottom. The camera work is oustanding, capturing her cute ass hole from behind before she treats us to her perfectly-pink slit which she manipulates with the gentle caress of two fingers.
It's not long before Azure is completely naked, revealing her firm breasts and tight torso.
Now, on a more aesthetic note, the orange colour co-ordination between Azure's toys and her fingernail paint is a very strong addition to the scene.
Azure shows us how horny she is as she slides her toys in and out of her tight holes with increasing vigor. The way she rams the rod up her ass hole while gyrating and moaning will leave your cock hard as a rock and your mouth watering.
This scene leaves no holes untouched as we are treated to a great display of oral skill before ending with an intense vibrator-induced orgasm.
Azure looks exhausted and immensely-satisfied at the end of the scene, and quite frankly you should be too.


Fantastic! What a beauty and the ATM is so hot.