Added October 24, 2004

Clara puts her whole fist inside her pussy. She strongly double penetrates herself with two large toys and then gushes out a squirt out of her pussy.

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Clara G

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Oh my god, Clara is one of the most beautyful girls on this site. I love to see her perfect titts, her perfect ass and her perfect cunt. Dear Clara please marry me, you are soooooooo hot, when you spread your legs wide and open your wet pussy and i can see your very nice great hole and i want to lick and penetrate your nice cunt with my dick and my hand. I dream about to fill out your very hot cunt and your butthole with all what i have. Clara you are the best


First of all, Clara G deserves her rating of #21 (at the time of writing) out of 608 models, and this movie is one of the main reasons why she is up at that rank! It is that good. Clara G has a slim and sexy body that will turn you on no matter what she is doing. Sweet perky tits and a beautiful face are what this movie is all about. She works the camera with her sexy gaze into the camera and her poses. The scene starts off with Clara teasing the viewer in a sexy white top, just covering her firm breasts also wearing a white short mini skirt and kinky white thong. She fondles her breast and ass and eventually removes her top showing her tits. Nice. Next off is the thong, and whoa! What a nice view. After a bit of playing with her pussy she oils up and this makes the scene so much better. All oiled up and ready to start fist fucking herself. She starts off by showing us her sexy vaginal gape which is just so great! After this she works her whole fist into her pussy and she works it so great. I couldn't stop staring. Next up comes the dildo which she warms up with her mouth, even with the occasional deep throat as far as she can take it. After this she puts it straight into her freshly penetrated pussy and pounds it so hard. Ocassionaly stopping to put it straight into her mouth with pussy-to-mouth. Back into the pussy it goes and then she brings on another one and gets started with double pussy penetration. Soon bringing herself to orgasm she soon squirts all over, multiple times. But she keeps going like a champ working her pussy and with double pussy penetration occuring every so often. She then gets a massive glass toy and starts putting it into her pussy. This massive toy goes straight in and stretches her pussy to the max. Such a good few minutes of video, and is the perfect finish off. The only negative aspect of this great video is that there was no anal penetration. Some great close-up shots of the asshole for all you ass lovers out there, but no penetration. In conclusion this is such a great vid. Perfect body, perfect face and such good moves. The trailer does not do this video justice and is a must download for all porn lovers out there! 9/10 - Lost one from no anal.


“31 Minutes of Wow” Face: A+ Body: A+ Charm: A+ Solo Sex: A+ HIGHLIGHTS: Fisting (A: I’m going to explode, B: Surefire stiffy, C: Hey, at least it’s sex, D: Time for a sandwich) Clara G is a stunning blonde, a 10/10. She has a hot face, and a hot lean body with amazing fake tits. She knows how to work the camera with her eyes, her smile, and her playful poses. She is an inventive performer who is constantly engaged with the camera, and her body is poetry in motion. I was blown away by this video. I have never been turned on by fisting, until I watched Clara G fist herself in this video (19:00). She truly looked pleasured by her fist, and that was so hot. The director and Clara G together take the time to tease us, then please us. I liked the slow oil massages of her ass and tits. I liked how she showed us her gaping vagina for close to a minute before the fisting began. Close ups and wide shots of her body are well interspersed. And Clara transitions well from one toy to the next, whether it’s teasing us with massage oil, a slow deep fist fuck or furious vag pounding with a dildo. Download this video. It’s one of the best solo performances you’ll ever see. The only negative is that it is not in HD! -Scene Doc


This is a 5/5 movie. No doubt about it! Clara has one hell of a body and we see the usual GiveMePink action and a few extras: squirting, pussy fisting... She has a great aptitude on camera and she enjoys everything she does. There are only a few things that I will change: I don't like her makeup and I would like to see some ass fucking. Even though it is one of the best scenes ever (For me it is not the best one, like the ranking says)


This movie is still one of Givemepink's best. Everyone, the trailer doesn't show the true stuff; it's incredible. Look for galleries or pay for the movie. It's incredible