Added August 28, 2007

The sexy bubble butt Eve is back at Givemepink and she is looking hotter than ever. She oils up and plays with her pink pussy and ass.

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eve just has it. no matter how she touches her body: mine reacts within seconds!


I may only be a laywanker, but I have seen enough porn such that a simple naked body and some obligatory moaning doesn't even make me chubby. Thus the porn experience for some is a quest to find that goddess who can still illicit a drug free hard on in the most jaded soloist. With all deference to Mr. M Lyons who appears to regard her as a"nice girl", I give this film and Eve a hard 12inch dick way up! I agree that the camera work that repeatedly goes from medium ass/pussy shots to close up facials shows a lack of skill and creativity on the cameraman/director's part. I still say,"who gives a Sh%t". Personally, the more I get to look deeply into this Siren's hypnotic slutty visage, the more I am convinced this woman must have come from the seed of Zeus himself! The first time I watched it I was tapping my 'taint to hold on before she even got her clothes off. There is something here, in this woman, that could send cum flying like manna from heaven every time she walks down the street!. Who cares what the crew is doing? I have no shame in saying that my dick is in hand from the opening frame. Aphrodite lives gentlemen, and her name is EVE.


SUMMARY: Eve is gorgeous, the action is good, but I think my main complaint might have been the camera work and the lack of variety in Eve's positions. I liked what I saw, but nothing really made me go, "Wow." Regardless, I certainly wouldn't fault anyone if they disagreed with me. This is nice action with a nice girl. DETAILS: Eve is a very sexy girl, with a well proprotioned body and a look of elegance that doesn't cross too far into the realm of untouchability. Her tits are quite spectacular, and I say that in the "not too big, not too small" kind of way. Her legs are athletic, and her ass is beautiful. She strips her pretty outfit off fairly quickly, and spends most of the first half of the scene with nothing but her fingers. She masturbates a while before rubbing her tits and ass with a little oil, not enough to make her shiny, but enough to add a little sheen to her skin. She then dips a strawberry into her pussy in a pile-driver position and eats it. Naturally the banana is next, and she works it over with her mouth and pussy before moving onto a cucumber. Eve squats over and rides it with her legs spread open--good stuff. The only problem is that the camera work shows a lack of variety throughout the whole scene, and I think that might be why I'm only lukewarm to the action. Eve finishes things off by fingering her ass while the camera drifts ever closer to the individual pores of her nether-regions, and thusly, the scene concludes. MLyons