Maria Rya

Added October 22, 2014

Cute Russian teen Maria Rya must have one of the tiniest pussies we've ever seen at Givemepink. Watch her play with her pink hole until she cums!

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Maria Rya

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she is spectacular, awesome can't even begin to describe her beauty. girl on girl would be great. never contaminate her sweet pussy with a cock. she is much to good for that. she should leave that for her private life.


So. Damn. Hot. More please ... she is amazing! Her body is beyond words. Would love to see her in a lesbian scene.


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Please bring her again, she is one of the best so far. HOTTTTTTT!!!!


Already blow my loads at the beginning 2 minutes plusss!!!


I've been a fan of Maria's since last summer. She grabbed me with her ability to play the camera so well and actually communicate physically with her viewers. We are all invited into her private world where she not only turns herself on, but turns us all on as well. Beyond "turning on" she also "gets off" and we get off with her. It's great and she is one of very few who has ever done this so well. This, I think, is why she can remain a solo artist if she wants to. This scene goes beyond anything I've seen her do so far. I was floored that she went so anal this time. I absolutely loved it! The surprise of the year! Made my subscription to this site totally worth it! I hope she is continues to expand her boundaries and goes on to include partners from time to time. I think it's no secret what we all want to see.


All i can say is: I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS GIRL!!!


I don't normally leave comments, but holy shit! This is the best scene I've ever seen. This chick is AMAZING. More of her PLEASE!


Perfect Gonzo would be the perfect porn site if they spent more time showing of the women's bodies. That's why guys watch porn in the first place; we like looking at women's bodies. Include head to toe shots of women in sexy outfits walking around, head to toe shots of women walking around naked from several different angles, shots of women taking showers, wide shots of women with their legs spread showing off their pussies. More time spent showing the women's bodies from multiple angles (NOT JUST CLOSE UPS) would make this site perfect. Trust me on this.


Shoot a movie with Maria Rya & Anjelica (Spermswap). This would be the best movie ever! PLEASE!


I can see Maria Rya has made a big impact here on Perfect Gonzo. I think that Give Me Pink is a very good platform for new girls to show themselves, keeps us wanting more from the model. Actually, Give Me Pink is one of my favorite sites form the network; it has always fitted perfectly on Perfect Gonzo. Therefore, this scene with Maria Rya was like her playground; moving freely, showing her beautiful legs, pussy and ass, exposing her nice tits and being very naughty. The way she plays with her body using her own saliva as lube was outstanding. Just by looking her intense orgasms it really turns me on. We have to definitely highlight how far she goes giving herself pleasure, not all the girls use to do that, especially the new ones. This scene of Maria Rya was more than amazing; I truly loved watching this beautiful girl. 11/10 [-Ramon]


WooooW!! Maria Rya what a beautiful girl! gotta love her face and her tight body. This girl has a great body and she knows how to tease. She is very skilled in the use of didosl! It would be awesome to watch this girl in some hardcore action! Please bring her back!


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Maria delivers a flawless performance with her sultry dancer's body for her debut scene at PG. Her pussy seems impossibly tight, and when coupled with her diminutive stature she looks much younger than she actually is (24), and yet the way she gyrates her body makes her seem like a mature woman with a lifetime of experience. She is certainly a master of the salivary arts, making sure her spread pussy lips are slippery and wet. Maria is also a very flexible girl, keeping her long legs held back and her feet above her head for a good portion of the scene as she fucks herself in both holes. She puts the vibrator to good use and has several orgasms that cause her to moan and gasp in ecstasy. Her soulful brown eyes and her pretty mouth are begging for a cock in a future scene, and her tiny asshole looks to also be a welcome recipient. Can't wait to see her back on here.


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Agree she is a spit factory, but she could slobber all over my cock anytime. Highlights include her many shuddering orgasms, the popping and whooshing sounds as she plugged and unplugged her tiny, tight holes with her toys, and just admiring her freakishly small, perfectly pink little pussy and wondering what it would look like getting pried open with a porn class dong. I hope I get to find out soon!


This girl is f'ing perfect. Not usually a huge fan of solo vids but this is a 10. Minor annoyance early on with WAY too much spitting, we get it, you have saliva. But she more than makes up for it later with the wand and anal play. Keep up the great work PG!!!