Tina H

Added November 14, 2006

What a body on this one. Tina has a wicked set of tits and nice round bubble butt peaking through her fishnets. She masturbates and pisses all over the floor.

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This babe is one mighty fine looking girl. She starts out in some white pants and fish nets. No need to wait to see her tits. At around 9:02 she takes off her g-string and we see her nice pussy. She fingers herself and gets all oiled up and continues rubbing her pussy and at around 20:25 she gets a large banana in her pussy. She then goes back to rubbing her pussy and fingering her ass. But watch out anal lovers it is nothing major but looks really good. Around 27 minutes in she gets a pink vibabeor and plays with herself. Very nice, she then spreads her awesome pink pussy a few times and pisses on the floor. ***** - Great looking girl, and not hardcore stuff but that is hot and very sexy to watch.


With Tina we got a fresh and new face for this GiveMePink episode, and are really cute one to be sure. She wears white hot pant(ie)s and a white G-String over some kinda white fishnet capri pants, white strap-pumps and a fishnet top that basically makes her topless, revealing most of her delicious body right from the start: A pair of very nice shaped, natural C (or probably even closer to D) cups and a round and tight butt on a small body. Really beautiful face (although you could say that her nose is a little bit too prominent, if you want to be picky - but she's a beauty anyway) and nice hair round up this hot brunette. Although her outfit is too revealing for really extensive teasing, she does a good and quite graceful job at posing, feigning to pull down her panties several times, and playing with herself. After around 9 minutes (and some great G-String teasing) she eventually reveals her really sweet pussy to us, starting out with some fingering in a couple of positions, before she oils up that really beautiful, tight and round butt of hers (with a nice and steady straight view on it for 2 or 3 minutes, thanks camera-guy, really loved it). Then she starts sucking on a banana, before she uses it to stroke her clit (nice bottom-up view here, perfectly bringing out that amazing body) and eventually uses it as a dildo. During that action she starts oiling up her pussy. After around 25 minutes back to more fingering with spreaded legs, while she puts another finger in the ass - some nice close-ups on that delicious crotch included. Following that, some dildo-play in a doggy position (this time with a silverish dildo), more ultra-close-up pussy spreading (that's as pink, as it can get) and then the Grande Finale: She's squatting down on her heels (still wearing the white strap-pumps) and pisses all over the floor (admittedly, this part always gets me :P). All-in-all a really good solo scene. The action is not as rough and intense as in most other videos, but that actually gives the whole scene a very relaxed mood, also backed up by Tina acting and moaning quite natural (i.e. she's not moaning or screaming in an overly exaggerated way). Really hot girl, and even though fishnets actually aren't really my cup of tea (besides, it's too revealing right from the start) I still really enjoyed this scene and especially the final. 4/5